2016 TEFRA Tax Mailing

TEFRA Tax mailing

The annual TEFRA Tax Notices were sent out during the last week of December 2015. If you receive a paper check in the mail, these notices were included with your January 1, 2016 pension check.  If you are on direct deposit, it was sent in a separate mailing. The TEFRA Tax Notices are sent after the new tax tables are in place, to advise recipients of their current tax status and to remind them that a change can be made to their tax withholdings if necessary or desired. Any changes must be made in writing and sent to the Fund Office.  If you are satisfied with your current tax status and withholding election, and you do not want to make any changes, no action is required. It is not necessary for you to contact the Fund Office. However, if you do have a change to your current tax status and/or withholding election, please print and complete the 2016 Tax Withholding form on the CPF website. Then please return the signed and dated form to the Fund Office via fax or mail.



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