Board of Trustees

The Central Pension Fund is administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of ten members. Five of the Trustees represent the Fund's contributing employers and five represent the Fund's participating employees. Currently the Board consists of the following Trustees.

Employee Employer

James T. Callahan
General President, IUOE
Washington, DC

Paul C. Bensi
Able Engineering Services
San Francisco, CA

John Duffy
Business Manager
IUOE Local Union No. 138
Farmingdale, NY

Noel C. Borck
Executive Director (Retired)
National Erectors Association
Fairfax, VA

Brian E. Hickey
General Secretary-Treasurer, IUOE
Business Manager and President
IUOE Local Union No. 399
Washington, DC

Paul O. Gehl
Executive Vice President (Retired)
Lunda Construction Company
Hilbert, WI

Terrance E. McGowan

Business Manager

IUOE Local Union No. 139
Pewaukee, WI

J. Patrick Tielborg
Managing Director and General Counsel
Pipe Line Contractors Association
Dallas, TX