International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)

The IUOE is an affiliation of some 118 local unions located throughout the United States and Canada. Each local has a specific jurisdiction where it is chartered to represent members. Some local unions only represent particular crafts within their regions. The IUOE represents a broad spectrum of occupations. Therefore, our locals are normally divided into two categories: Hoisting & Portable, and Stationary.

Hoisting & Portable locals represent members who usually work in the construction field using heavy equipment like bulldozers, cranes and scrapers. The members could also work as mechanics, oilers, and surveyors.

Stationary locals represent members who usually work in the building maintenance field. This includes building engineers in a variety of public occupations and facilities.  These Locals also represent a range of health care employees, including skilled maintenance employees, biomedical technicians, emergency medical technicians and registered nurses.

"Mixed" local unions represent both Hoisting & Portable, and Stationary members within the same local union.