April 17 Announcement About Covid-19


In our last update of April 3rd, we advised that we would be reassessing the situation as of April 17th. Since that time the governments of the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia have all issued supplemental executive orders directing all persons to remain at home and refrain from nonessential business activities through at least Mid-May. In light of the foregoing, we have decided to keep the Fund Office closed to the general public for the immediate future.

However, we plan to have all employees resume working remotely, to the extent feasible, starting April 27th. Our goal is to remain as operational as possible during the remaining time the Fund Office building is closed; but you may continue to experience delays in our usual response times, as we begin to tackle the backlog of work that has accumulated since the initial closure date of March 18th.

We again wish to emphasize that while the Fund Office will remain closed, we continue to take all necessary actions to ensure that all participants and beneficiaries, who are currently receiving benefits, will continue to do so without interruption. We are also doing what we can to process pending claims and add new retirees.

As our employees are able to resume working remotely, the backlog of work items will be prioritized and generally handled in the order received. However, we estimate our usual response time will be delayed by at least an additional 6 weeks due to the prolonged closure. In addition, most employees will have telephone access while working remotely.

We continue to monitor the situation and take all actions needed to maintain business operations to the best of our ability, while also protecting the health of our employees and their families. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we all deal with this unprecedented situation.

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