Applying for Benefits with CPF

  • Start the application process about 90-120 days before your planned retirement date. The Application for Benefits Instructions provide guidance on how to start the process. Also, members can request an estimate of benefits at any time. If you wish to request an estimate, please complete a Estimate Request Form and return it to the Fund Office. All requests must be made in writing.

  • Application forms can be obtained through this website, your Local Union Office or by contacting our office.

  • Documentation needed to support an application is discussed in Section 11 of the Summary Plan Description, “A Guide to Your Benefits”.

  • As a result of a change in policy after publication of the Summary Plan Description, official documents such as birth and marriage certificates must be either clear photocopies or state certified copies.

  • CPF does not accept rollover distributions from other qualified plans in which you may have also been a participant, but does have Money Follows the Man reciprocity with certain other IUOE Pension Funds.