How and When You Become a Participant

Your participation in the Central Pension Fund begins in the month that hours and contributions are first reported to the Fund on your behalf by your Participating Employer. Your employer is a Participating Employer if he is required to pay into the Central Pension Fund on the basis of:

  1. A Participating Agreement, and/or
  2. A Bargaining Agreement or Master Agreement, or
  3. A Non-Bargaining Unit Participating Agreement.

IUOE Local Unions negotiate CPF contributions into their contracts with union employers. Contributions must be made by Participating Employers. Self-contributions are not allowed. In addition, sole proprietors and partners cannot contribute on their own behalf. As newly organized employers, the members receive full vesting credit for all prior years of employment with that employer, after 1,000 hours of contributions have been made, and the Fund Office receives verification of their hire dates on company letterhead.

CPF maintains records of contributions made for every member throughout their careers.