Documents & Notices

pdf Annual Funding Notice 2020 This notice includes important funding information about your pension plan. It also provides a summary of federal rules governing multi-employer plans.
 Brochure: Can You Still Find a Real Pension in America? This brochure provides general information about CPF and the benefit of having a pension with the Fund.
pdf CPF Report: CPF Emerges From The Economic Storm This is the May 2011 CPF Report announcing the Fund's rebound just two years after the economic recession. 
pdfCPF Report: Notice of Increase in the Benefit Accrual Rate The Board of Trustees amended the Plan of Benefits to increase the Benefit Accrual Rate for Credited Future Service. This increase will become effective April 1, 2015.
 FASB Standard 715-80 Multiemployer Pension Plan Disclosure Information This is a disclosure of all employer’s participation in the Fund.
 Report of Summary Plan information A summary of the CPF Pension Plan. This report is provided to participating Local Unions and contributing employers pursuant to Section 104(d) of ERISA.
 Summary Plan Description A guide to your CPF Benefits. This document explains the general terms and provisions of the Plan.
pdf Summary of Material Modifications Summary of Material Modifications - This notice discusses recent changes in the Fund's Fiduciaries and Directory.
pdf Summary of Material Modifications to the Plan of Benefits February 2020 Summary of Material Modifications - This notice discusses recent changes in the Benefit Accrual Rate.


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