Updated Announcement About Covid-19


Over the weekend we learned one of our staff was in contact with a person who likely has the coronavirus. Therefore, based upon the best guidance currently available from the CDC, we have decided to close our physical office through Friday, April 3, 2020. We will reassess the situation at that time to determine if the Fund office may be able to reopen or must remain closed for an additional period of time.

We wish to remind you that while the physical office will remain closed during this time, we have taken all necessary actions to ensure that all participants and beneficiaries who are currently receiving benefits, will continue to do so. Also, managers will continue to perform essential functions, by working remotely. However, since the building will be closed through at least April 3rd, we request you NOT mail anything to the office until after April 3rd. Moreover, since we have limited ability to monitor telephone calls and voicemail, we request you not telephone the office except in cases of a real emergency. We will be further updating this notice as necessary, based upon subsequent events and government actions during these unprecedented times.

CPF Closure FAQs

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