Covid-19 Closure FAQs


  1. Should employers continue sending contributions and remittance reports during this temporary closure?

Yes, you should only send your contributions and reporting forms to the address set forth below.  Employers remain contractually obligated to send contributions on time and in the correct amount.

Central Pension Fund
PO Box 418433
Boston MA 02241-8433

  1. Will I continue to receive my monthly benefit payments?

Yes, this is the Fund’s most essential function and was given the highest priority during our contingency planning.

  1. Will I be able to conduct any transactions by phone or FAX?

Generally, the answer is no. During the closure, which is currently expected to last through April 17th, 2020, we will be operating with limited staff who will be focusing on priority tasks and unable to conduct business by phone or FAX.

  1. What if I did not receive payment of my monthly benefit?

Any participant who did not receive their monthly benefit payment in a timely manner can call the Fund Office. However, before doing so please wait a reasonable period of time to allow your bank to credit a deposit or the Post Office to actually deliver your check.  If you were receiving a payment by check, please wait until after the 15th of the month to contact our office.

  1. What if I need to report the death of a participant or beneficiary?

You can call the Fund Office to notify us of the death of an active participant, retiree or beneficiary.

  1. Will I be able to change my direct deposit instructions?

Yes, but there may be delays in processing requests until after the office reopens.  In order to change your current instructions, you must first mail to the Fund Office a fully completed, updated Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement form, and if payments are to be deposited to a checking account, a voided check must be included with the mailed Authorization Agreement.  Copies of voided checks will not be accepted, nor will forms sent by FAX.

  1. Will I be able to update my mailing address?

Yes, but there may be delays in processing your request until after the office reopens.  You must first complete a Change of Address form and mail it to the Fund Office

  1. Will I be able to change or update my beneficiary designation?

While you can send us a new beneficiary designation, it will not be actually processed and acknowledged until after the office reopens.  In order to do so, you must first complete and mail to the Fund Office a new Designation of Beneficiary form.

  1. Will I be able to request a benefit estimate or pension income verification?

Benefit estimate and pension verification requests should be made in writing and mailed to the Fund Office after April 17th, 2020.  However, there likely will be a delayed response due to our limited staff.

  1. If I have a question about the status of a pending application, can I call the Fund office?

Yes, but we prefer you write the office after April 17th, 2020 as we will have limited capacity to answer calls. Please understand that we are operating remotely with a reduced staff, who will be doing the best they can to continue the processing of pending applications. However, there will be delays. Therefore, we request that you refrain from calling or writing for a status report until after April 17th, 2020, unless you have an application that has been pending with the Fund office for 90 days.

  1. How long of a delay might there be?

At this time we are estimating that the further processing of pending claims may not resume until mid-June. However, this assumes the Fund Office can reopen with a majority of its staff by April 20, 2020. If the closure of the Fund Office is extended beyond April 17th, the delay may be longer. Please check our website for further details, as we intend to update the website periodically as additional information becomes available.